Syria: Tal-Jazeera resident describes the horror of living with threat of IS rulers and coalition airstrikes

Witnesses describe the horror of living under so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in the village of Tal-Jazeera, Hasakah region, in north-eastern Syria, in footage filmed on Saturday. 15 months ago, IS launched a wide-range attack on Assyrian Christian villages on river Khabour. They burned the villages, kidnapped locals, and destroyed churches. Some more lucky managed to escape... Еще, amongst them is Jameela Kaco, who now lives in Tal Tamr in Hasakah countryside. Jameela witnessed her own house burning «The village was burning in front of our eyes, we were watching the smoke rising from the houses». Remembering her days as a hostage in Shaddade she says that «what we feared the most was the aircraft, for they were hitting mercilessly». For Jameela, it is common knowledge that Coalition forces were shooting at civilians as well as IS followers «of course it is known that [the Coalition air forces] are shooting civilians». Mansoor was with his family when ISIS kidnapped them «I was with my family when ISIS came and took us away with a boat, I was afraid of them, they said to me to be a Muslim.»

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