Syria: Syrians fear ‘more instability’ and ‘partition in Syria’ as Kurdish referendum draws closer

Syrian citizens in Damascus shared their thoughts on the upcoming non-binding referendum on Kurdish independence, Friday. Tarek Al-Ahmad, member of the political office in the Syrian National Social Party said that the idea of the referendum is not supported by all Kurds, but the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KPD) which «aims to fulfil specific projects of the US». Al-Ahmad argues that the... Еще Kurdish population in Iraq wasn't able to carry self-administrative functions as «demographic structure is not in their favour.» «They are taking this area and its residents to the unknown, and to the interests of USA,» he stressed. Another Syrian resident said that the «federalization the Kurds are doing is an old project, but now they are moving on because of the huge support coming from the Americans.» Another disapproved of the referendum, arguing that it «would be against the interests of the Syrian people and against the country in general, and interest of the government.» The Kurdish independence movement gathered momentum after government-backed Iraqi forces withdrew from areas controlled by the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL), leaving largely Kurdish forces to regain, and expand, their territory in northern Iraq. The referendum on Kurdish independence is set to take place on September 25, despite opposition from Baghdad and neighbouring Turkey and Iran.

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