Syria: Syrian Democratic Council chairs calls for decentralisation after crisis

The executive chair of Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Ilham Ahmad claimed that the opposition-controlled cities of Raqqa and Hasakah will not be 'handed over' to the government, during a video interview with RT from the Syrian city of Qamishli on Sunday. Answering a question regarding the possibility of such move, she said: «It is not the matter of discussion» with the government officials... Еще. «We believe that decentralised Syria is the right decision in order to save the country from the aftermath of the crisis and this tragedy. A centrally-controlled system was the source of this crisis,» added Ilham Ahmad. Ahmad represents the SDC, which is the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Kurdish-led multi-ethnic alliance. She led the delegation of Democratic Forces during talks which the SDC was holding with Syrian government officials in Damascus last week.

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