Syria: SAA resumes offensive in E. Ghouta despite ceasefire

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) resumed their operation in eastern Ghouta, the Harasta area being a focal point, on Monday despite the United Nations Security Council's (UNSC) mandate for a nationwide 30-day ceasefire announced on Saturday. The SAA was seen advancing in new directions — from Khosh-Nasri in the direction of Khosh-Davahiri, Khosh-Ashary and the Al-Maamil district in Chifoniya. The... Еще locations were chosen in accordance with the concentration scheme of the Jabhat An-Nusra militia in these areas which is excluded from UNSC resolution as it is deemed a 'terrorist group'. The militia occupies a large territory in eastern Ghouta. Syrian forces have been making significant progress by destroying militant fortifications, artillery points and ammunition stores while the militants have countered with continued bombardments of Damascus and putting up trenches to slow down the SAA.

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