Syria: SAA regains control over villages in south-east Idlib Governorate

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units reportedly retook the villages of Dahret a-Zarzour, al-Sayeer, Um al-Khalakhel and al-Mushairfah, in the south-eastern countryside of Idlib Governorate, on Sunday, footage filmed on Monday shows. Footage shows SAA soldiers firing at targets, while smoke is billowing from the horizon, as well as Syrian Army units driving and walking in the countryside of Idlib province... Еще. «This morning control has been established over the villages of Dahret a-Zarzour and Um al-Khalakhel after heavy clashes between us and the militant groups. The importance of this village is that it looks over a vast area and that would help us target the supply lines between the villages of Frege Sahel and Ain al-Tinah,» said a SAA soldier. According to reports, the SAA carried out the attacks against Jabhat al-Nusra and affiliated militant groups.

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