Syria: SAA advances in eastern Idlib countryside towards M5 highway

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued its military offensive in the eastern Idlib countryside on Saturday, reportedly liberating the villages of Louf and Qamhana. Footage shows the SAA forces deploying multiple rocket launchers, tanks and infantry to target militants enclaves still present in multiple locations in the governorate including Ma'saran, Maarrat Dibsah, Khan Assubul, and Hartamyah... Еще. «Within the coming few hours, Saraqib, God willing, will be liberated from the abomination of terrorism, and our operation is still continuing successfully until the moment,» said an SAA officer. In the past weeks, the SAA has been steadily advancing and liberating Idlib towns and villages previously held by the militants. The SAA seeks to regain control of the M5 highway, which is economically an essential transportation road that links the capital Damascus to Aleppo.

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