Syria: Russian supplies bread to needy in Homs ‘safe zone’

The Centre for Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria has negotiated with the Homs province administration to increase the supply of bread to the de-escalation zone in the north of the province. The reconciliation centre plans to transfer Russian flour to the Al-Var flour plant in Homs, as seen in footage released Wednesday. The Al-Var plant is the largest bakery in the Homs province... Еще. After the beginning of the war, production fell by almost 60%. Now it bakes up to 20,000 bread loaves a day, and reportedly sends about 4,000 units of bread to the Homs de-escalation zone, where more than 150,000 people live. According to the plant's director, the facility «kept baking bread, despite constant shelling. Now the Syrian authorities are restoring our neighbourhood and other neighbourhoods as well. As soon as the militants left, we immediately began to prepare a re-equipment project in order to increase the volume of production and improve the quality of the bread.»
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