Syria: Russian soldiers deliver urgent humanitarian aid in Kerbat Ash-Shabbat

Russian officers from the Russian Reconciliation Centre for Syria have delivered humanitarian aid to refugees in the town of Kerbat Ash-Shabbat, Rif Dimashq Governorate, on Friday. Alexei Sergeev, the Reconciliation centre's official, said that Russian officers had provided up to 1,500 refugees from the city of Ar-Rastan which is under the so-called moderate opposition's control with nearly 300... Еще food packages. According to his statement, every food package includes «flour, sugar, rice and canned meat.» Russian medics established mobile medical aid post in order to provide refugees with urgently need medical care. Russian medics said that Ar-Rastan city was currently swept by intestinal infections and most of those who had fled it were «suffering from chronic diseases which exacerbated due to the siege amid the lack of any medical assistance.»
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