Syria: Russian MoD releases Idlib airstrike footage, rejects strikes on civilians settlements

Russian Defence Ministry released aerial footage of airstrikes on Idlib region, on Tuesday, rejecting claims made by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights' that they had targeted civilian settlements in Idlib province. Spokesperson for the Russian Defence Ministry, General Igor Konashenkov, released a statement stressing, «The Russian Air Force does not strike populated areas in the Syrian... Еще Arab Republic.» Konashenkov underlined, «The aircraft of the Russian Air Force task group delivered 10 strikes against terrorist facilities in the province of Idlib. The facilities were located far from residential areas and included underground bases of militants, field arms depots, military hardware, multiple artillery rocket systems and workshops for equipping cars with explosives.» He added, «Data is available regarding all of the airstrikes carried out.» The Syrian Observatory for Human rights said that, on Monday, 27 civilians were killed and 58 injured by Russian airstrikes in Idlib. The Russian MoD noted that, «The statements by the Observatory, sourced to anonymous 'eyewitnesses' or 'volunteers', are traditionally unsubstantiated and serve as an 'informational cover' for the activity of Al Nusra militants and affiliated warring factions.» SOURCE: Russian MoD
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