Syria: Russian MoD releases footage purporting to show passenger jet emergency landing at Khmeimim base

The Russian Defence Ministry released a video which purports to show the arrival of a Syrian passenger jet at the Russian military base in Latakia, and its subsequent departure. On Friday, the Russian military issued a statement claiming that the Airbus-320 was forced to make an emergency landing at the Khmeimim base after Israeli airstrikes made it unsafe to land at its original destination... Еще, Damascus International Airport, on Thursday. According to the ministry of defence, the plane was carrying 172 passengers at the time. The MoD said an emergency landing request was submitted to them by the Syrian authorities «in order to ensure safety of civilian passengers and in view of the threat that the plane could have been hit by Israeli missiles.» Russia's defence ministry spokesperson, Igor Konashenkov, added that the aircraft had been forced to avoid Syrian air defences which had been activated after due to the Israeli missile strikes. «Israeli General Staff conducting military operations in the air using civilian aircraft with passengers to cover or block retaliatory actions of the Syrian air defence forces becomes a characteristic feature of the Israeli Air Force,» Konashenkov stated. Israel has not provided any official comment on the incident.

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