Syria: Russian military deliver food and aid to de-escalation zone in East Ghouta

W/S Truck arrivingM/S TruckM/S Truck advancing W/S Convoy advancing W/S Truck with Russian flags W/S Checkpoint M/S Security personnel at checkpointM/S Security personnel M/S BadgeW/S View from building W/S View from building W/S Destroyed buildingsW/S Destroyed buildingsW/S Landscape W/S Destroyed building facade W/S Road M/S Soldiers in military vehicle W/S Soldiers in military vehicleW/S... Еще Destroyed building W/S Road W/S Vehicle at checkpoint M/S Security personnel at checkpoint M/S Red cross vehicle moving M/S Security personnelM/S Security personnelM/S M/S Security personnelW/S Security personnel checking vehicle W/S Russian flag SCRIPTA convoy of Russian military vehicles delivered food and medical supplies to the Al-Wafideen camp in the Douma area of East Ghouta captured in footage released by RT, Thursday.The operation follows the signing of an agreement on de-escalation zones in the region by government and opposition forces on 22 July in Cairo.Earlier this week, the Russian Defence Ministry announced that several new de-escalation zones were set to be introduced in Syria, including the region of East Ghouta and the city of Homs.East Ghouta remains under control of the opposition group Jaysh al-Islam, formerly Liwa al-Islam, which is an umbrella organisation consisting of various Salafist militant groups.

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