Syria: Russian air force hits Jabhat al-Nusra ammunition dump — MoD

The Russian air force hit an ammunition storage facility of Jabhat al-Nusra at an undisclosed location near the boundary of Idlib province, as shown by Russian Ministry of Defence footage released on Thursday. Spokesperson for the Russian Defence Ministry, General Igor Konashenkov, issued a statement earlier on Thursday stating that “For a long time the Russian military intelligence agency... Еще studied how weapons are being delivered to terrorist footholds.» The Russian Defence Ministry finally received an exact location of the target facility. The strike destroyed the munitions building and caused a fire which lasted for several hours, according to the MoD. Konashenkov also said that on September 18, militants attacked a Russian Military Police observer post near the Idlib de-escalation zone boundary. The Russian Air Force then located and destroyed 49 of the attackers, including seven of their leaders, according to the MoD. Source: Russian Ministry of Defence.
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