Syria: Residents leave Harasta in eastern Ghouta using humanitarian passage

More residents of war-torn Eastern Ghouta including women and children were given safe passage to leave the conflict zone of Harasta, a northeastern suburb of Damascus, via al-Wafideen camp crossing point on Tuesday, as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) spearheaded by the elite Tiger Forces Division reclaimed control of strategic locations in the Damascus suburbs. «There is humiliation and suppression... Еще, the terrorists would shoot you if you want to get out; you cannot either get out or move. Food and everything else is scarce,» a local said of the harsh conditions within the militant-controlled zone upon leaving the area with his family. He encouraged other residents to flee the area as well saying, «I say to our brothers in Ghouta, be brave and get out, [you will see] the best reception and best food.» The humanitarian passage was reportedly established by Syrian forces to allow for civilians to leave the militant-held territory.

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