Syria: Rare footage shows present-day Douma amid whistleblower allegations OPCW concealed report on chemical attack

Rare footage recorded on Sunday shows the Syrian town of Douma, the location at the centre of whistleblower allegations surrounding a concealed report by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). On 7th of April 2018 militants in the area claimed that the Syrian government carried out a deadly chemical attack in Douma. The allegation of chemical weapon use by the Syrian... Еще government prompted Britain, France and the United States to bomb targets they said were used as depots for chemical weapons. Footage shows inside the clinic where the victims of the alleged attack were treated and various battle-scarred parts of the town as well as traffic on its streets. Russia's envoy to the OPCW stated in July 2019 that «in Douma, a provocation was thoroughly orchestrated and implemented,» in line with Russian and Syrian allegations that the attack was staged to justify Western military intervention. Syria and Russia allege that the OPCW's March report was edited to make the evidence of the attack seem more conclusive and justify the Western missile strikes. Leaked emails from two scientists employed by the OPCW have emerged since the incident to indicate that the organisation misrepresented facts and simplified conclusions in its final report, published in March 2019, on the alleged use of chemical weapons in the town near Damascus in April 2018. OPCW director-general Fernando Arias has however defended the report calling its conclusions «independent and professional.»

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