Syria: Parliamentary elections 'marked by fraud' says Kurdish opposition party leader

President of the Youth Party for Development and Change Berwin Ibrahim alleged that the recent Syrian parliamentary elections were rigged by the government at a press conference in Qamishli on Wednesday. «What happened during the elections has struck us painfully so much that it awoke us from a dream of a better future. Again, we are facing a reality which is not new, marked by fraud, manipulation and dictation; flouting all laws and legislation, in order to achieve purely personal interests on the expense of the hopes and aspirations of the Syrian people, who have sacrificed everything and continue to act as the main pillar for the resilience of this country,» Ibrahim stated. «The Syrian people were deprived from having real representatives inside the Parliament. What happened in the 19th of July is a new black history, added to a list of other black histories, of the Syrian parliamentary elections under the main title of «political capital,» she added. Syria held its third parliamentary election since the start of the war in 2011 last Saturday, after voting scheduled to take place in April had to be postponed twice because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ruling Ba'ath party and its allies won 177 out of 250 seats in the legislature according to results announced by Syria's electoral commission on Wednesday, with turnout falling standing at 33 percent, a 24 percent drop on the 2016 election.

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