Syria: Parkour suffers under hard circumstances in war-torn Aleppo

«Our team is a sports team. It suffered and experienced very hard circumstances,» an Aleppo parkour team leader said in Aleppo on Monday. Parkour is among many civil activities and hobbies that are under the shadow of war in Syria. The four-year old found the sports interesting, though it needs what was not and is not available, in terms of facilities. Omar Kosheih, the team captain, said... Еще «as for the lack of facilities of team, I cannot describe the hardships the guys went through in order to be successful and to be on the same level of other regions which were safe like Latakia and Damascus, the capital». «We face a big difficulty when we are injured, because any injury will cause us to stop for at least two or three months. If we stop, we have to start from the beginning (again). This is very hard,» a team member added.

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