Syria: Palmyra ruins «stolen and destroyed» by IS — Director of Palmyra Museum

Director of the Palmyra Museum highlighted the extent of the damage inflicted on the historical site of Palmyra by the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), speaking from the ancient site, Thursday. Mohammed Al-Asaad, director of the Palmyra Museum, noted that IS «committed terrorist acts and stole everything they could lay hands on in Palmyra and the surrounding ancient areas... Еще.» Of iconic landmarks such as the temple of Bel, only the arch remains, with significant damage to the Roman theatre used by IS militants for public executions. The Syrian Army regained control of Palmyra on 27 March 2017. Since then, numerous experts have flocked to Palmyra to assess the damage caused by the militants and to assist in reconstruction efforts.

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