Syria: Mezzeh airbase hit by US-led airstrikes in Damascus *STILLS*

The Russian Ministry of Defence released still images on Saturday, reportedly showing damage to Syria's Mezzeh military airbase in Damascus, which was targetted by US-led airstrikes launched against the country. The US, UK and France have launched airstrikes against multiple government targets in Damascus early on Saturday morning, targeting alleged chemical weapons sites as well as a Syrian... Еще military base in Homs. The General Command of Army and Armed Forces stated that 110 missiles were launched at Syria by the United States, United Kingdom and France. The General Command of Army and Armed Forces added that such attacks will not deter the Syrian Armed Forces from continuing to crush the remaining armed militants along the Syrian territory. The airstrikes are a response to a claim of a supposed chemical weapons attack on Douma last week. Syria and Russia have both denied the allegations, calling them 'staged' and a 'fabrication.'

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