Syria: Manbij residents reject Turkey's plans to take control of the Syrian city

Residents of the northern Syrian city of Manbij rejected Turkey's plan to take control of their city in cooperation with Russia and Iran, following statements by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu at a press conference in Ankara on Wednesday. Local Abu Hasan said: «Placing the Iranian and Russian (troops) in Manbij is unacceptable, we are happy with (Syrian) Democratic (Forces), but we... Еще want what is best, if we can get the best thus it would be good, the best is that we go back to our homes and lands, work in farming, and take care of ourselves, this would be better than being displaced, gathered here, threatened by the Turks and the Free (Syrian) Army and the Russians. Russian aircraft shot enough.» Some denied that a lack of security calls for increased military presence, as resident Ahmad Al-Mhemid Al-Awad explained: «We are happy now, if they would come they may disturb us. We are happy with this current situation. Our situation is good. We support that if it is for the sake of protecting the civilians, if it is against us we do not want it. We want to be alright and safe.» On Wednesday, Cavusoglu announced that Turkey wants to coordinate with Russia and Iran over preventing «terror organisations» from filling up the political void, after the US withdrawal process begins in Syria.

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