Syria: Life in Aleppo's historic citadel returning to normal after years of bloodshed

The historic citadel of Aleppo has, once again, become a bustling hub in the city centre after years of war left its streets vacant and its homes in ruins, as seen in footage filmed on Sunday. During the Battle of Aleppo, the citadel was not spared, sustaining catastrophic damage and leaving the UNESCO world heritage site in ruins. However, after reopening to the public in late 2017, the... Еще citadel has slowly gotten back on its feet with residents returning, homes being restored and markets reopening. German architects have even planned an ambitious project to salvage the old city. «We opened our shop here few months ago, the shop was closed for five years because it was at a breaking point and at a frontline and there were mortars, but, thank God, after Aleppo was liberated the work is improving every day. Sheraton hotel is reopened now, we hope that tourists will come back and visit Aleppo. Safety now is better, thank God, and the work is improving,» said one of the locals. The old city of Aleppo was recognised as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986, with archaeological layers tracing back to 5,000 years, featuring remains from Hellenistic, Roman and Medieval times.

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