Syria: Kitten rescue shelter offers hope for Aleppo's vulnerable felines

Syrian volunteers have set up a new kitten sanctuary in Aleppo, footage from earlier this month shows. So far, the initiative has been a success, with around 30 cats having found a new home, and a will to foster kinder relationships between the city's children and its stray animals. Staff are hoping the centre can change children's approach to cats. Volunteer Lasheen Jawdat explained that due... Еще to their exposure to the horrors of war, some children have been mistreating the stray animals. «The idea was to do something for the little cats in the streets to protect them from the kids, who got used to harming them during war time. A child — of course — is not harmful, but due to the situation we passed through, especially in Aleppo, the kids got used to harming,» Jawdat explained. She went to add that since the opening of the shelter, «we got kids to start coming here and we taught them that they should not harm little cats, but rather love them and they should treat them with kindness.» «I live close by, I come to the park. I was happy when I saw that project and I adopted a cat four days ago,» said Um Sameh, one of the cat owners. And Um Sameh hasn't been the only one to do so."As you can see, here are the cats. When we first started the capacity of the reception was at 40 cats, now we have about 10 to 12 cats. The locals adopted (cats) and looked after them,» vet Ahmad Saleh said.

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