Syria: Iran's passenger plane has close encounter with alleged US fighter jet

Iranian State TV on Thursday released footage of what seems to show the interior of an Iranian commercial flight after its close encounter with a fighter jet Iran claims belongs to the US or Israel over Syria's al-Tanf. Mahan Airlines flight 1152 allegedly dove to avoid a collision with the fighter jet. Several passengers were injured in the dive. «When we were in Syria’s sky, suddenly one fighter jet approached Mahan Air’s plane and the pilot reduced the altitude to prevent a collision and this caused some passengers of flight 1152 to get injured,» said an Iranian state TV reporter who was flying with the plane. Footage shows injured passengers and the cabin. While Iranian media, citing government officials has claimed the jet to be of US or Israeli origins, some images and angles of the jet tally with a Russian Su-27. The plane flew directly above al-Tanf, where the US has a military base and was en route from Tehran to Beirut.

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