Syria: IDPs recall living under IS

Internally Displaced People at the al-Hoal camp, in the Hasakah countryside, spoke about the prohibitions imposed by the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) and how they managed to escape from their homes to the camp, on Tuesday. Abu Hatem, refugee also from Basereih district, explained how he bought a motorbike for 75,000 Syrian liras (€120; $145), crossed 450 kilometres (279... Еще miles) on it with his family to reach a smuggler, Hatem then sold his motorbike to the smuggler in order to pay for the last stretch of his journey. Another refugee from Deir ez-Zor spoke how IS paid money to recruit people. «IS were paying money to recruit people, but people fled because of them. There is nothing but injustice there. We came here and thank God all of us are alright. And our kids are alright, thank God. But there we saw nothing but gore and humiliation.»
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