Syria: Hundreds of wheat fields burnt after fire in Hasakah countryside

At least two people were reported to have died and hundreds of wheat fields were destroyed after a fire broke out in countryside near Ras al-Ain, Hasakah Governorate. Footage filmed on Friday shows the aftermath of charred fields with crops burnt to the ground, as well as smoke drifting in the distance. Residents of Al-Asadiya village entering a tent were also recorded on camera. «The fire broke out, and the fire came from above towards us. We went to extinguish the fire and we could not, because the area between us became forbidden. If you go, a mine may explode you or be hit by shells. We are not even able to go to our lands, we dare not,» said Bashar Muhammad al-Muhammad. «We have two people killed in the fire, and another two were seriously injured. All the lands are agricultural, planted wheat, are lost,» he added. According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) the cause of the fire is still unknown, with fingers pointed to different armed groups.​

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