Syria: Hundreds of students reach Hama to take exams after being prevented by armed groups

Hundreds of students were able to sit their secondary school exams in Hama, on Thursday, after thousands were stopped by armed groups from crossing from Idlib into the Hama governorate. According to reports armed groups prevented the students from crossing at the Al-Tarnba border west of Saraqib city opened by the Syrian Arab Army, and reaching accommodation centres. One student from Idlib said he tried to pass through the borders twice but said, «weapons were used, and they shot at us.» He said on his second attempt the armed group «took the identities of everyone who is a student, tore their notebooks, tore their identities and took the exam cards and above all, they took them to prison in Idlib, and cut their hair.» He explained he used an illegal route to reach Hama, but added many were unable to leave, «we are 2000 students, just less than 200 people came out.»​

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