Syria: Fleeing IS, civilians arrive safely in govt-controlled areas of Deir ez-Zor

SOT, civilian (Arabic): «Some of our family [members] came with us.» Civilians from the countryside near Deir ez-Zor arrived safely to Syrian Arab Army-controlled areas of the city, Saturday. The civilians received medical assistance and food upon their arrival. “We were taken here, where the Red Crescent received us. They received us very well, offered us food, water and tea, it was a good... Еще treatment [we received],” said one of the newly arrived civilians. Another described the welcome they received, saying: «we were received very well, no one was abused or harmed, and we came [to the army] and said: 'we are civilians.' They said ['come by'] and we did.» The residents' arrival comes after the Syrian government called on civilians living near Deir ez-Zor to leave areas controlled by the self-proclaimed Islamic State.
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