Syria: Fires burn hectares of agricultural land in Syria, could reach oil installations

Video footage filmed in Hasakah province of northeast Syria on Monday and Tuesday, show thousands of hectares of agricultural land engulfed by flames leading to the destruction of crops just ahead of the harvesting season. The footage is reportedly from Ras al-Ayn, Al-Qelha village and Rengo village between Qamishli and Amouda and show locals struggling to contain the fire due of a lack of fire... Еще trucks and firefighters, with civilians seen trying to extinguish the flames with blankets amid growing concerns of the fire reaching oil facilities in the area. The exact cause of the fire is still unknown with some reports suggesting wildfires due of record-high temperatures and others blaming it on Turkish border guards and members of the so-called Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL). The local administration has reportedly called on the US-led coalition for support to stop the fires. The farmlands of Hasakah province are considered the breadbasket of Syria and these fires could lead to a devastating impact on food and economic security in the conflict-affected region.

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