Syria: Eastern Ghouta evacuations halted due to militant shelling

More than 300 people were unable to pass through a humanitarian corridor on Wednesday morning because of shelling from militant group Jaysh al-Islam, according to Vladimir Zolotuhin, the spokesperson for the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in the Syrian Arab Republic, speaking from an undisclosed location in Syria. «The entry point was shelled twice by mortars from the region... Еще of Haush-Mubarak. Fortunately, there were no casualties,» Zolotuhin told reporters. Adding, «the Russian Centre for Reconciliation military personnel jointly with the Syrian authorities' representatives are in constant readiness for the meeting and in necessary assistance to all civilians in Eastern Ghouta.» For a second day in a row, shelling disrupted efforts to evacuate civilians and supply aid through humanitarian corridors. It is hoped that a Russian-brokered pause in fighting will provide some relief to civilians trapped in Eastern Ghouta.

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