Syria: Drone footage captures Chechnya-funded restoration work at Aleppo's Great Mosque

Restoration work on the Great Mosque of Aleppo (Umayyad Mosque) continued on Monday, as captured by drone footage. The iconic place of worship is being restored with the help of financing from the Chechen Republic's Akhmad Kadyrov Fund. Footage shows workers and craftsmen working to rebuild various parts of the mosque. Sakhr Al-Olabi, professor of Archaeology at Aleppo University, is helping in... Еще the restoration process, and highlighted his gratitude to Chechnya for their support in an interview on Sunday. «I would like to highlight the financing party, it is the Republic of Chechnya of the Russian Federation, they visited us more than once, they are in continuous follow-up. We thank them for being ready to maintain any antiquity and offer their experiences and moral support, not only financial support,» he said. Aleppo witnessed some of the most brutal fighting during the Syrian conflict, and work is now ongoing to put the war-torn city back together since government forces retook it over a year ago.
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