Syria: Displaced Raqqa residents recount life under IS control and coalition airstrikes

Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) from Raqqa spoke about their experiences of withstanding lie under self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL/ISIS) as well as multiple airstrikes by US-led coalition forces , at Al-Mabrookeh camp, in Al-Hasaka, Wednesday. One IDP, Ahmad Ibrahim al-Wasel, noted that the coalition launched «heavy airstrikes over the residential areas and the nearby towns... Еще in the western and northern sectors,» noting that schools had been targeted as well.» Another IDP, Um Hmazeh, said that children and women were killed and that Raqqa was «totally destroyed. There is no Raqqa, nothing.» She went on to say, «My kids and I were afraid.» As for Abu Hamzeh, another resident at the al-Mabrookeh camp, he claimed that «there are a lot of casualties» resulting from strikes by the coalition against civilians. «We are dignified and respected,» he said, having fled Raqqa. UN war crimes investigators have stated that the intensified coalition air strikes on Raqqa have led to a «staggering loss of civilian life.»
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