Syria: Deir ez-Zor begins return to normal life following siege

Life was returning to normal in the Al-Jura district of Deir ez-Zor, Sunday, after government troops, backed by Russian air cover, managed to end the self-proclaimed Islamic State's (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) three-year-long siege of the area. Humanitarian convoys bringing Russian and Syrian government aid have arrived, as local people begin to recover from their ordeal. However the conditions in... Еще the city still have some way until they return to how they once were. «We were blocked from all sides. It was not the lack of food which made us suffer but, in the first place, the fear of bombs. It was a very tough siege. Only a few metres separate us from IS terrorists, I mean there is only a river between us. Fifteen days after it was declared that the siege had been broken, the situation completely changed,» said one man. He added, «Now, we are already living well; the prices here are even lower than in Damascus.»
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