Syria: Damascus-Aleppo M5 highway opens to public

The strategic international highway connecting Damascus to Aleppo has been opened to traffic on Saturday after the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) exerted its dominance in the greater Aleppo countryside earlier in the week. Footage shows buses among other vehicles travelling on the highway that connects Aleppo, in the north of the country, and Damascus in the south. «The road used to be unbearable, I was... Еще about to stop my studies because of the road problem. Today I am very happy because I can go to my university in two hours, I can't believe that I can even go attend my courses and come back the same day,» a graduate student of Aleppo University said. A merchant from Aleppo said, «now we expect the costs to decrease and this will be reflected on the citizen, products should get cheaper, as the competition will increase and cargo companies will use the shorter way, everything will get better god's willing.» M5’s opening comes amid Ankara’s increased military presence in Idlib after the SAA announced it had regained full control over the towns and villages surrounding Aleppo.

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