Syria: 'Ceasefire is both political and military victory' — Aleppo residents react to Idlib deal

: Aleppo residents expressed differing opinions on the Russian-Turkish ceasefire in Idlib, and related de-escalation agreements, which were agreed in Moscow on Thursday. “The ceasefire is both a political and military victory, since it will lead to the international highways M4 and M5 returning to use,” said a local on Thursday night. Another resident said the ceasefire was “a result of the... Еще military field operation of the Syrian army and its allies.” A positive view towards the agreement was shared by another local woman, who said “it contributes to stopping the bloodshed of the innocent Syrian people.” Safety and security were the main concerns of another resident who said that “what matters the most is for this bloodshed to stop and for the people to have a normal life,” adding that “we are, the simple people, the only ones to pay the price.” The agreement was criticised by one local man who said it was “not in favour of the Syrian people,” before adding that “the Turkish interference in Syrian was blatant; therefore, no deal whatsoever should've been reached with this side.” Russia and Turkey have agreed a ceasefire in Syria's Idlib Governorate that was set to begin at 00:00 Friday (22:00 GMT Thursday), in a bid to avoid further escalation in the region. The two sides also committed to establishing a security corridor and joint patrols along the M4 highway starting from March 15.

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