Syria: Bringing bread back as country’s largest flour mill to open

«This plant is being equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies and all Russian engineers who are working here for the project are making very good drafts, doing good researches. Here we can see the example of the plant which can produce daily 600 tones. Such results can be achieved thanks to high technologies and equipment». The largest built flour mill in Syria is due to open later this... Еще year bringing a much needed vital resource back to the country blighted by war. The bloody six year conflict obliterated the vast majority of Syria's flouring mills, starving the country and its people of a vital ingredient. Syrian wheat, and who controls it, has been at the heart of the country's conflict since the very start. Even Islamic State had detailed plans on how to take control of the largest flour mill in northern Syria in an attempt to feed and control people. Now, this essential commodity is set to return to Homs Province, built by Russian engineers. So far, nearly 85% of the work has been completed and it is equipped with the latest Russian-made technology. According to its Russian manager Magomed Mazukbazov, «the plant could produce up to 600 tons of grain daily». The company CEO Hekmat Abbas affirmed that «this plant is equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies».

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