Syria: At least 10 injured after explosions at Homs military base

At least 10 civilians were reportedly injured after explosions at a military base in Homs on Friday. State media confirmed the explosions took place at the base and added that the blasts were due to «human error» and occurred during the transport of ammunition. Footage shows the aftermath of the explosions, with rubble and damaged vehicles in the vicinity of the base. «When I came outside... Еще, the neighbours told me there is smoke rising from the school. I rushed to the school and climbed to the third floor. I was shocked to see that a rocket had exploded on the third floor, causing huge material damage to classrooms, desks and windows,» said Sulafah Ahmed Tarraf, headmistress of the nearby Maysaloun School. «Thank God that no students were present at that time of the explosion because schools have been suspended, so thankfully there are no casualties,» she added. Several people had to be treated for injuries at a nearby hospital. «Due to the explosion, five injured people were hospitalised. Two men had their legs amputated» said Dr. Eli Thalgi, a general surgeon at Al-Basel hospital. «Two of them were transferred to the military hospital. The rest are being treated here», he added.

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