Syria: At least 1 killed, several injured as Turkey shells convoy *GRAPHIC*

At least one person has been killed and scores more were injured after Turkish forces shelled a convoy en route to Afrin, footage filmed Thursday night shows. According to Kurdish sources, the convoy carried civilians from the cities of Qamishli and Kobane to Afrin in a show of solidarity. «Turkish aggression struck the delegation from Qamishli and the city of Kobane, resulting in a large... Еще number of casualties,» said the supervisor of Emergency Department at Afrin Hospital Joan Nasser, where those who sustained injuries from the shelling were transferred. One of the injured claimed, «I came to Afrin for Hajj, the plane bombed us after we got out of the bus.» Another injured person claimed that the convoy included only civilians, «I came from the city of Derek, to support Afrin, we are civilians, we came for our people in Afrin, there were no soldiers among us, we did not carry weapons and missiles.» People were rushed to the nearby hospitals in Afrin and Nubl, at least one person was confirmed dead. Afrin citizens were celebrating the news of the convoy coming to the city when the event was stopped following the announcement of the shelling. Earlier the Turkish Ministry of Defence released aerial footage of its forces' airstrike on a convoy entering the Afrin region through the Ziyara crossing a day earlier. The Turkish military said in a statement that they had destroyed the convoy of several dozen vehicles as it was carrying equipment and weapons to fighters in Afrin, according to reports. But other media reports say the convoy was carrying aid and civilians.

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