Syria: Assad says war won’t end until ‘terrorists’ defeated

The war in Syria will go on until the country is completely liberated from militants, President Bashar al-Assad in an interview with Sputnik News Agency in Damascus. “As long as you have terrorists occupying some areas of our country and committing different kind of crimes and assassinations and other crimes, it is not over. And I think that their supervisors are keen to make it still going on for a long time,” he stated. Commenting on a plot by the US to eliminate him, Assad said that “Assassination is American modus operandi. That is what they do all the time — for decades, everywhere, in different areas in this world. This is not something new.” President Donald Trump admitted last month that he planned to liquidate Assad at the beginning of his presidency and that the Secretary of Defence at the time, Jim Mattis, convinced him against it. “Nothing will deter the United States from committing these kinds of vicious actions or acts unless there is an international balance where the United States cannot get away with its crimes. Otherwise, [the US] is going to continue these kinds of acts in different areas and nothing would stop it,” he added. The Syrian leader also revealed an ongoing plan to modernise its armed forces with Russia’s cooperation. Assad added that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin have regular contact “whenever something new happens or whenever there is a need for a conversation. Of course, we are going to talk in the future and, of course, we are going to meet in the future, but it depends on the political situation regarding Syria.” He went on to condemn condemned the West’s stance on Belarus amid the ongoing anti-government protests in the country. «Like any other country — Syria, Belarus, your country — every country has their own problems. Does the West have the right to interfere or not? That's what we have to oppose.» “It's the same behavior, the same strategy and the same tactics. The only difference is the branding of the products, different headlines, they use certain headline for Russia, other for Venezuela, another one for Syria, and so on,” Assad concluded. Mandatory Credit: RIA Novosti.


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