Syria: Al-Rastan receives Russian humanitarian aid along reopened Hama-Homs highway

Russian humanitarian aid was delivered to the city of Al-Rastan in the Syrian province of Homs, Monday, thanks to the recent reopening of the Hama-Homs highway for humanitarian convoys. Residents of Al-Rastan received four tons of food and 500kg (1102 pounds) of medicine. The city of Al-Rastan is located in the Homs province de-escalation zone under control of the Syrian armed opposition... Еще. According to Representative of the Centre for Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria Alexander Sazonov, a medical centre is set to open in Al-Rastan, and medical aid will be «provided to those in need». Russian military police provided security on the Hama-Homs highway. A checkpoint has been established to inspect the transport that passes along the route.
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