Syria: AfD lawmakers visit Damascus to speed up return of refugees

German parliament members from the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party visited Damascus on Monday to assess the situation in the country. «The goal of our trip will be — or should be — to find out how far we can help Syria, how much is Syria pacified, and what we can do so that Syrian refugees are safe and have good welfare when they come back to Syria are able to find work and... Еще accommodation,» said the head of the AfD delegation Frank Pasemann. «I have come to Syria to get the current picture of the situation and I am here to try to end the sanctions against Syria, so that Germany can finally have an orderly, rational diplomatic relationship. And to find a way which will make it possible for the many Syrians in Germany — nearly 770,000 — to be brought back to their homeland. That is good for the Syrians and good for Germany», said Udo Hemmelgarn, another visiting member of the AfD. It's the second trip by AfD politicians to Syria in two years. The party has been campaigning for the 're-immigration' of Germany.

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