Syria: Admiral Essen's Kalibr missiles strike IS position near al-Shola

The Russian Ministry of Defence released footage of its Black Sea frigate Admiral Essen as it launched missiles on positions of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) near the town of al-Shola, Tuesday. The Kalibr cruise missiles launched from the frigate reportedly struck a command point, communication facilities, arms warehouses and a repair workshop for armoured vehicles... Еще. Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continues to progress on IS positions in Deir ez-Zor. On Monday, the SAA managed to recapture the town of Akerbat. The Admiral Essen, a Russian frigate equipped with guided Kalibr cruise missiles, had left Sevastopol and sailed towards the Syrian coast on Sunday. The Essen, and along with the Admiral Grigorovich, are the only frigates in the Black Sea Fleet to have carried out cruise missile strikes IS positions in Syria.
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