Syphilis-ridden mummified corpse found to be Boris Johnson's ancestor

Researchers at the Natural History Museum in Basel have identified that a mummified body unearthed decades ago is in fact the great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother of current UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. Archeologists found the mummy at Barfusser Church in Basel in 1975. After 30 years scientists set about discovering the identity of the body. Using DNA taken from the... Еще mummy's toe, they discovered that she was in fact Anna Catharina Bischoff, born in 1719 and an ancestor of Johnson. Anthropologist Gerhard Hotz stated on Saturday that although they invited Boris for an interview and to visit the mummy, he declined, citing Brexit-related business. However the UK foreign secretary reportedly stated that he was always happy to hear about his ancestry. Researchers also revealed that the body contained high levels of mercury, used to treat syphilis at the time, which resulted in her body being preserved.


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