Switzerland: Yemeni FM criticises absence of Houthi delegation in Geneva

Yemeni Foreign Minister Khaled Al Yamani strongly criticised the absence of the Houthi delegation at the talks in Geneva, when speaking to the press at the city's Palais des Nations on Saturday. Al Yamani criticised Special Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths's diplomatic remarks about the Houthi leadership. He said, «I believe that the words of the Special Envoy, just a few minutes ago were... Еще unfortunately accommodating the coup plotters and giving them excuses.” With the end of consultations in Geneva, Al Yamani insisted that military operations against the Houthi forces would continue. «May I reiterate that the operations of the national army and the coalition, which began in 2015 are ongoing in order to restore our authority over the whole country.” Al Yamani's statements came minutes after Griffiths lamented “the elephant in the room,» the Houthi delegation not showing up, which resulted in the early conclusion of the consultations in Geneva. Griffiths maintained “Ansuurallah [the Houthis] also wanted to be here, and they are disappointed not to be here.” A date for a new round of consultations has not been set. However, Griffiths announced his intention to meet with Houthi representatives, possibly in Sanaa, “during the course of the next few days.»

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