Switzerland: WHO gives latest Coronavirus numbers, warns of protective equipment shortage

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus gave the latest numbers on the ongoing coronavirus outbreak while speaking to the press in Geneva on Friday, saying that the current death toll in China stood at 637 people, with 31,311 infections in the country. «Outside China there are 270 cases in 24 countries with 1 death,” he added. Ghebreyesus said that for the last two days there had been... Еще fewer new infections reported in China but cautioned «against reading too much into that,» saying the numbers could go up again. The Director-General also warned about a supply shortage stemming from what he says is inappropriate use of personal protective equipment, a situation that could further exacerbate the spread of the virus. «The world is facing severe disruption in the market for personal protective equipment. Demand is up to a hundred times higher than normal and prices are up to 20 times higher,» said Ghebreyesus. «This situation has been exacerbated by widespread inappropriate use of PPE outside patient care. As a result, there are now depleted stockpiles and backlogs of four to six months. Global stocks of masks and respirators are now insufficient to meet the needs of WHO and our partners. WHO estimates that global frontline health emergency responders will require approximately seven to 10 percent of market capacity. This percentage may be higher for other critical supplies,» he further added. Although many contained inside mainland China, the coronavirus has also managed to spread to Europe and other parts of Asia prompting certain airline companies to temporarily halt flights to China. Mandatory credit: WHO

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