Switzerland: ‘We come as one,’ says Syrian opposition's new chief negotiator

Syrian opposition's new chief negotiator Nasr al-Hariri arrived in Geneva on Monday and told gathered journalists they are fully committed to reaching a political solution. Speaking at a press conference upon his arrival at Royal Hotel in Geneva, al-Hariri reaffirmed his delegation 'had overcome all the obstacles' and was ready to engage in 'serious and substantive' direct talks. The... Еще prominent opposition leader accused the government of Syria of using its “old-new policy, which has always obstructed reaching any progress in political solution.» He stressed that the ousting of President Bashar Assad at beginning of the transitional period was their goal. Nasr al-Hariri also noted his delegation had previously rejected the announced Syrian People's Congress in the Russian city of Sochi, which was planned for the beginning of December. The eighth round of Intra-Syrian talks is set to kick off in Geneva on Tuesday amid uncertainty on whether the Damascus delegation will attend. On Monday afternoon UN Envoy Staffan de Mistura told the Security Council, that 'the government did not yet confirm its participation in Geneva', expressing his expectations, that Damascus team 'will be on its way shortly, particularly in light of President Assad's commitment to President Putin when they met in Sochi.»

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