Switzerland: Voters head to the polls in Zurich as Swiss vote on banning homophobic discrimination

Zurich residents headed to the polls on Sunday as a nationwide referendum on banning homophobic discrimination took place. «In my opinion hate is not an opinion, and second, it is long overdue that homosexual and bisexual people are protected from discrimination,» said one voter who voted 'yes' to «protection against discrimination.» The original law making homophobic comments in public or... Еще openly discriminating against people for being gay was passed by the Swiss parliament in 2018, but was subsequently forced to a referendum, after opposition from the populist right wing Swiss People's Party (SVP) and the Christian Federal Democratic Union of Switzerland (EDU), who claimed that the law would censor free speech. «All this homophobia story is not ok and I hope there is a certain type of people who will think now, that you cannot say certain things and behave accordingly,» said another referendum voter. The law widening anti-discrimination legislation would prevent discriminating against people based on their sexual orientation and inciting hate against LGBTQ people in text, speeches, images or gestures. It would not affect homophobic comments or jokes made in a private setting or discrimination based on gender identity. Later on Sunday the results of the referendum were revealed with 63.1 percent of voters approving the change of legislation.

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