Switzerland: Voters decide on their new parliament in federal elections

Voters from Bern explained what was at stake in Switzerland's federal elections, as the Swiss decide on their new Parliament on Sunday. According to Walter Langenneger, the Head of the Information Service of the City of Bern, climate change, women's rights and Switzerland's relations with the European Union dominated the elections. Another voter said that he hopes for a «high voter turnout... Еще.» «Normally in Switzerland, we don't have that high of a turnout because about four times a year, people can actually go and can vote on actual topics. So I nevertheless really hope that today many people turn out and go voting, because actually, this counts, they take many decisions in Parliament,» he explained. Footage shows various political parties' campaign posters and voters at a polling station. Voters will elect members of both houses of the Federal Assembly, with 200 seats in the National Council and 46 in the Council of States. Climate issues have ruled the campaign debates, and a green surge is expected, leading to a fall in support for the Swiss People's Party.

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