Switzerland: Syria talks to resume after COVID travel restrictions lifted — UN envoy

UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen said the opposing parties in the Syrian conflict have agreed to resume talks in Geneva once the travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic are lifted. Pedersen was speaking during a video-conference on Tuesday. «As soon as the pandemic situation allows, they have agreed to come to Geneva, and as I said, they have agreed on an agenda for the next... Еще meeting,» said Pedersen. The envoy also touched on the coronavirus situation in Syria. «In terms of COVID itself — so far the official case count in Syria is very low; it's 64. And there is of course great relief that the numbers are not a lot worse when it comes to Syria,» said Pedersen. Pedersen said that there is «a relative calm» in Idlib and that the ceasefire since early March is «still by and large holding.» «Obviously, [it's] very important that the US and Russia continue to work together. As I said, they've done it before with success. Without the US-Russia cooperation we would never have had Security Council resolution 2254. And so, my appeal for them is to strengthen that cooperation and to move on and to support the process,» he said. Mandatory credit: UNTV

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