Switzerland: Star coach Cramer brands Olympic ban ‘crazy’

The coach of the Russian cross-country skiing team Marcus Cramer branded the International Olympic Commission's (IOC) decision to ban Russia from participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics “not fair” and “crazy” during an interview in Davos on Wednesday. Cramer said, «I am sure that in the last years [there] was no doping, especially in Sochi. I am sure [of that], because we [spoke] many times... Еще about this with athletes, and what I know is what they told to me. So I am 100 percent sure that there was no doping, no doping system in the Russian team.» He went on to say that the IOC decision was «not fair» and that «it is really crazy to decide this case, only on the evidence from one guy.» Cramer also noted that he understands why some Russian athletes would refuse to compete under the neutral flag. He said, «I know that Russian people are very proud of the Russian nation, and I can understand when they say, 'No, we don't go without the Russian flag.'» On Tuesday, the IOC made the announcement that only 'clean' athletes will be allowed to compete under the neutral «Olympic Athlete from Russia» (OAR) flag, following an investigation into alleged Russian state-sponsored doping.

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