Switzerland: Saudi-led coalition airstrikes killed 42 Yemeni civilians in past week — UN

UN Human Rights Office spokesperson Liz Throssell confirmed 42 Yemeni civilians were killed by Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in the past week, in a meeting at the United Nations Office at Geneva on Friday. «In the week from the 17th to the 24th of August, 58 civilians had been killed, including 42 by the Saudi-led coalition as I've mentioned,» she said. Also mentioned was a coalition... Еще airstrike that struck a hospital in the city of Sanaa on Wednesday, killing 33 civilians and injuring a further 25. According to Throssell, witnesses on the ground had said there had been «no warnings» that recent attacks in Yemen were imminent. The UN Human Rights Officer highlighted that targeting civilians was prohibited under international humanitarian law and called on coalition forces to «ensure full respect» of that law. It also called on the relevant authorities to carry out «credible, comprehensive and impartial investigations» into the incident. The Saudi-led coalition forces launched an offensive on Yemen in 2015 in support of troops loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. The conflict has led to a humanitarian disaster in the country.

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