Switzerland: Salame calls on fighting parties to refrain from «provocative» acts

Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya Ghassan Salame called on fighting parties to refrain from «provocative» acts that would impede UN-backed talks, at a press conference from the UN headquarters in Geneva on Thursday. «During these talks the negotiators would certainly be helped by more calm on the fronts and by the absence of any act, provocative act on the military side by any... Еще of the parties in conflict so that they can progress in as rational and moderate environment as possible,» Salame said. The envoy expressed his frustration saying «many countries present at the Berlin conference had committed to a more honest respect of the arms embargo and they didn't we have evidence that the two parties had benefited from the new arrivals of weapons, new kinds of weapons, and also from the arrival of new recruits.» «We are still working on refining our basic draft, and on bridging the gap on a few points of divergence that still exist between the two delegations this is helped by the sense of urgency we have and they also share about the necessity of transforming the truce into a lasting and permanent ceasefire,» said the envoy. The UN-backed talks kicked off on February 4 in an attempt to secure the ceasefire brokered by Turkey and Russia. Five senior military officials from General Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army (LNA) and five counterparts from the UN-recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) are present. Mandatory credit: UNTV

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